The Nature of College by James Farrell


Change Begins in the Dorm Room!

Students buy a lot of shelves and desks and furniture at Ikea, and now they can get more for their money, because Ikea is introducing a product scorecard evaluating on 11 different stages of the product chain. The evaluation includes:

1. Less material
2. Renewable materials
3. Recycled materials
4. Environmentally better materials
5. Separable and recyclable
6. Quality
7. Transport efficient
8. Energy-efficient production
9. Renewable energy in production
10. Raw material
11. Ensuring that products help customers to reduce energy, water or waste in their homes

For more on Ikea’s environmental commitments, click here. As more and more companies follow Ikea’s lead, ordinary consumption can become both more conscientious and more sustainable. And that’s a good deal.